The App For Doing.

Hupla is a simple app for college students create and discover
new things to do and connect with others on campus.

See who’s available, know what’s going on, start some fun, share and
communicate with other students on your campus – and do it instantly.

Inside the app

With Hupla, college students can find and create things to do
and instantly connect with others looking to do the same.

You don’t have to wait months or rely on chance
to start meeting people and doing things on campus.

Start today.

With Hupla, you’ll know what everyone
is doing with just a few clicks.

The story

My name is Collin Siverts. I’m a Junior at Baylor University.

There are thousands of students on my campus.
When I first arrived on campus, I didn’t know anyone.
I met people purely by chance.

I felt like I should be able to connect with
anyone here based on our shared interests.

I wanted to…


Know which of my friends are available right now to hang out without having to constantly text everyone.


Do a Saturday motorcycle ride and find other riders who want to ride too.


Start a soccer game and invite others to play, even if I didn’t know who they are.


Know everything that is going on around my campus right now.

I should be able to do it easily and instantly.
Now I can.

With Hupla, you can discover new
activities and meet new people.

How it works

I arrive on campus and I don’t know anyone.
There are hundreds of people who share my interests.

Sign up with your .edu

Create a simple profile

Hashtag your interests

Share when you are available and see others who are too

Create activities

Share with friends or the whole campus

Get notified when new things match what you like to do

Message anyone on campus

Start a group of people with common interests

With Hupla, you’ll always be in the loop
about what’s going on around campus.

App features

Everything you need to have fun on campus.
It’s just a click away.

College students only.

Hupla is for college students only. You must have a .edu email.
No parents.  No Creepers.

Know who’s around.

College students have crazy schedules. Know who is available right now. No more texting a dozen people to see who’s around to do something.

Start something new.

Don’t wait for something to do. Start an activity and instantly share with friends, circles, or the whole campus.

Know what’s going on around you.

View lists of activities on campus. What’s going on. What’s popular. What’s coming up.

Get notified.

When your tags match with new activities, you’ll be the first to know. Only hear about what interests you and see everything going on.

Connect with friends.

Build your contact list of friends on your campus and others nearby.

Organize by interest.

Soccer team. Frat Boys. Best friends.
Create Circles and quickly share what you want to do with a single click.

Start a group.

Creating a group to do things together shouldn’t be a painful process. It’s simple to start a group of students and find others with common interests. Instantly create activities and share with everyone, know what’s going on.

Message anyone.

Private messaging between students only.

No knuckleheads.

Block anyone and anything you don’t want to see.

Completely private.

Everything expires and disappears, securely and forever.

Get Hupla. Add Friends. Go Do.

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